Our team of advisers and analysts offers a broad range of wealth management, investment services and guidance to meet our clients’ needs and objectives. We leverage our experience and global investment knowledge to provide tailored strategies and solutions to accomplish your goals.

Platform: Ceres designs and monitors our client’s portfolio to optimize its overall performance, risk management, investment horizon and liquidity. By working with different custodians, brokers and banks, we are able to deliver consolidated performance reporting.

Advisory: Our philosophy is to provide investment advice that is appropriate for your needs and objectives by conserving your capital and family wealth. We succeed at this by understanding you as an individual, learning your risk tolerance and pursuing a portfolio framework around the optimum risk/return parameters to meet your objectives.

We provide portfolio and investment services to both U.S. and offshore investors. We have an extensive third-party network of professionals to support our clients in areas such as estate, tax, insurance and trust services.