Creating tailored solutions to satisfy and meet all our client’s needs.

We elaborate Investment Strategies

  • The construction of the portfolios, the assignation of securities and the strategies of investment is one of our distinctive advantages
  • Currently we offer the following investment strategies:
    • Model portfolios for different risk profiles
    • Equity strategy
    • Put write & covered call strategy
    • Quant strategy

Analyzing Risk Profiles

  • We pride ourselves in analyzing and understanding our client’s profile and their risk tolerance, this is an essential and necessary step that leads us to taking the right decisions when we are advising over different investment opportunities. We will always recommend the best vehicle of investment that will adjust to the objectives and financial needs, be present or future, of our clients.

We guide our clients to best meet their Banking needs

  • Advisement over domestic bank products and services through our relationships with Banking institutions
  • Consulting solutions for all types of special financing (M&A, Aviation, Marine, Artwork, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Private Equity…)

Granting Access to the Proper Custodian

We advice on Structured Products

  • We generate ideas and give access to structured products through our network of emitters and independent structured products providers.
  • We have the capacity of optimizing the structures with adequate levels of volatility for our client’s portfolios and selecting the emitter that offers the best conditions for our clients. (best execution)

Our solid Platform

  • We make use of Addepar, a data aggregator that allows us to see every financial positions through different custodians, along with the relevant market data and third parties
  • We have partnered with Bloomberg, which allows access, in real time, to all the market information and financial products
  • Through the Saleforce platform, we have developed a CRM for a safer information management.